Online Carpets: Colour and Shading

A great deal of effort has been made to ensure the colours of carpets shown in photography on this site are as accurate as possible. However, colours may appear slightly different from monitor to monitor. Monitor and resolutions settings and variations in colour and surface texture of individual carpet rolls may not be revealed when viewing products on our website.

If you order material from different widths they will come from different batches and will not match – please ask us for advice if you require different widths for the same or adjoining rooms.

Please do not attempt to colour match carpet remnants / offcuts with each other or with cuts from rolls. They will not match.

Product and colour availability varies.

Our online collections are chosen from the most popular ranges in their type and products are subject to change. Manufacturers are continually updating specifications.

We can not be held responsible for visual variations and colour matching to your existing products/decor.

In common with all pile fabrics, carpets may shade and show pile reversal. This occurs when the pile is brushed or lies in different directions and therefore reflects light differently. The extent to which your carpet will show the effects of shading depends upon its construction, design and use. Some carpets, such as Saxony, will probably show your footprints and this is a shading effect. This is not a manufacturing defect and will not affect the wear life of your carpet. Carpets will also flatten with time, particularly in high wear areas such as main walkways, stairs and in front of sofas, etc

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