Alloy Z Door Bar 3Ft


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Doors Bars are essential when fitting any kind of flooring as they neaten up joins in between different flooring types in door ways.
Our metal Door Bars are available in a brass or alloy style finish, and in 0.9m and 2.7m sizes (approximately 3ft & 9ft).
Made from aluminium this metal edge is suitable for carpet to Laminate or Wood Flooring.

We have a great selection available that are ideal for any kind of flooring. Double Door Bars are suitable for joining carpet to carpet. Single Door Bars are ideal for carpet to Vinyl Flooring, Z door bars are for carpet to Laminate or Wood Flooring and Flat Door Bars are to cover any expansion gaps between Laminate or Wood Flooring.

Door Bars must be purchased with a carpet (on same order) from our online store to qualify for FREE delivery offer.